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Aired Sunday 3 August

The special guest on this weeks show will be Nick Wolfe from The Wolfe Brothers

Nick will talk us through track by track their brand new album which was released Friday 30th July, Kids on Cassette.

Any history of The Wolfe Brothers that doesn’t begin four generations ago isn’t quite complete. The revered country duo, comprised of brothers Nick and Tom Wolfe, have become renowned over the past few years for their jaw-dropping live shows and steady ascent to Australian country music’s upper echelon. Part of their rise has been due to talent, and a lot of it due to hard work. But the truth is that music is in The Wolfe Brothers’ blood. “We come from four generations of farmers and musicians,” Nick explains. Their father, the man who encouraged them to start playing and helped facilitate their first shows in their early teens, was a rock drummer. His father played saxophone, touring around the brothers’ home state of Tasmania with a family band. And his father — Nick and Tom’s great-grandfather — was a fiddle player. 

​If the musical gene was already in Nick and Tom’s DNA, it was their parents who brought it to full bloom. Their father guided Nick to the guitar and Tom to the piano, perhaps with “the intention of starting a band with us,” as Tom says. And their mother filled the family home with music, exposing her children to 90s country staples like Garth Brooks and Billy Ray Cyrus. It was almost an inevitability that the Wolfe family home would produce two of Australia’s finest country musicians.

 The abundance of musical influences throughout the brothers’ youth, combined with an innate musicality, have resulted in the development of a unique yet embracingly familiar sound embedded in nostalgia yet curious and innovative. If their first three albums were steps towards the rarefied space The Wolfe Brothers occupy now, it was 2018’s Country Heart that gave them the final push. “Country Heart was the first time we’ve talked about our lives,” Tom says of their 2018 triumph. A heartfelt and occasionally melancholic portrait of a tumultuous period in Nick and Tom’s lives, Country Heart found The Wolfe Brothers pushing themselves emotionally and musically more than they ever had. “That album has given us so much confidence to go into the next one,” he says. “We pushed ourselves last time, and now we’re wondering, where can we go this time?”

​The answer to that question is “Kids on Cassette” the most conceptually and musically bold record The Wolfe Brothers have ever put to tape. A joyful fusion of country, rock, and pop, “Kids on Cassette” like Country Heart, is a portrait of where the brothers are at this point in time — only this time, it shows them going full speed ahead, pushing forward with no cares in the world. “We’re drawing from pub rock, from old country, from new country,” Nick explains. “Maybe it’s a bit confusing, but we do what we do and write what we love.”

“Kids on Cassette” also works as an accurate metaphor for where The Wolfe Brothers are in their career. “This represents the last few years of our journey,” Tom says. It also represents where he and his brother want to go. “It’s been quite a long time since there’s been an Australian country act who’s been a huge, huge crossover,” adds Nick, signaling, in part, where he and Tom’s ambitions lie. Humility is as baked into The Wolfe Brothers’ DNA as music is, but it’s clear that, at this point in their career, it’s time for something bigger: radio crossover, stardom, the massive American market. Tom and Nick Wolfe will always remember where they came from, but “Kids on Cassette” feels like it could take them a step further. It may be far cry from their roots, but as Tom says: “We’ve never been the kind of band that stays in one lane.”.

Kids On Cassette

Aired 21 May

The special guest on this weeks show will be Australian Rock Royalty Mr John Swan aka Swanee.

He has a new album due for release June 3. John Swan’s Greatest Hits. John’s music career has spanned several decades and performed in bands Fraternity, replacing Bon Scott, Feather – originally known as Black Feather in the 70’s. He had a successful solo career from the late 70’s into the mid 80’s, with hits If I were a Carpenter, Temporary Heartache and Lady What’s Your Name.

In 1987 Swanee replaced frontman Angry Anderson in The Party Boys. From 1990 to now he is still considered by his peers one of Australia’s finest performers.

In 2015 John Swan was announced as South Australia’s Senior Australian of the Year. In 2017 was appointed an Order of Australian Medal.

Aired 16 May

On this weeks show join Chris Eaton and Chris Willoughby from The Round Mountain Girls, Indy Rock, Pop and Roots band and myself as we talk you through their classic CD/ vinyl album Meet You at the End.

The Round Mountain Girls are a 5 piece band playing various instruments including guitars, banjo, mandalin and fiddle.

Willy B and Ban Jovi Eaton take us through the album track by track, giving us insights to the album and the tracks as they were layed down. We had fun and some laughs as well as a few serious moments talking about what the album was about.

Chris Ban Jovi Eaton and Chris Willoughby
Phill C proudly holding the album signed by all the boys.

Aired 9 May

My special guest is Adam Thompson from Chocolate Starfish talking candidly about their soon to be released Album Beautiful Addiction featuring the new single Whats Up ( 4 None Blonds) this one  got a little in-depth don’t be fooled by his stage antics Adam is a very deep soul with an incredible voice to match.Join me from 4pm and don’t forget the requests call me on1300494988 or text me on0492994445 but they have to be Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.

Aired 4 April

On this weeks show join me for an exclusive chat with Andrew Farriss, from INXS fame, talking us through his debut self titled album track by track, which brings to life stories of outlaws, freedom, cowboys and love, and paint vivid imagery of gun slinging bandits, Australian history and international cultural spirituality.

Aired 22nd November

Tune in for Kevin Borich special.

Aired 15 th November

Aired 8th November

This weeks show Double play.

Aired 1st November

On this weeks show John Williamson

Join me this Sunday I’ll be calling John Williamson wishing him a happy 75 th birthday. John is as iconic as football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars. With a career spanning 50 years, his voice and lyrics mean something different to all Australians. I’ll be playing songs from the beginning “ Old Man Emu” to his current song “ The Great Divide” released 3 weeks ago

John will explain to us what the new song means to him, where the official video was filmed and what is coming up in the future performance wise.

Aired 25-10-2020

On this weeks show Digger Revell

Born Gary Hildred in Dubbo in 1943. Digger was credited with pioneering Australian Rock and Roll, one of zDiggers first shows was his regular teenage dances at the Blue Danube Ballroom, at a Richmond way back in 1958.

Then followed regular appearances on Six O’clock rock, Teen Time and Bandstand, at the Sydney Stadium, Festival Hall and over eighty national TV shows.

He has also fronted the band The Denvermen with whom he had a few hits with. Digger performed with some of the great, including Chubby Checker, Bobby Rydell, Wayne Newton and Johnny O’ Keefe.

Digger did more tours of war-torn Vietnam, than any other entertainer world wide. He appeared on stage with Bob Hope on six occasions and made a total of eleven tours. He also did a tour of the USA with his band, staying for more than 3 years touring 38 states. He performed with Ike and Tina Turner, Jerry Lee Lewis, Guy Mitchell, Fats Domino, B.B. King, Anne Margaret and D.J. Fontana, Elvis’s drummer played in the Digger band for many of the American shows.

He is still performing to this day.

Lovin’ Doll
You Won’t Find That Kind in Me
I’m Building Castles In The Air

Aired 18-10-20

On this weeks show Marty Rhone

During an illustrious career as an actor and singer Martin (Marty) Rhone has performed with and in front of some of the biggest names in entertainment. From the Rolling Stones to Yul Brynner; the Bee Gees, John Denver, Peter Allen and performed on stage in front of De Niro, Hoffman, Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, the late Princess Grace of Monaco, the late King Hussein of Jordon and the British Royal family.

Phill will be talking candidly with Marty about his early hits, Denim and Lace and a Mean Pair of Jeans. His time in America, his Bedroom Ballads song collection as well as his latest album Jealous of the Sky, released 2019.

Aired on 11 October 2020
On this weeks show is Darren Jack.

Multiple award-winning Australian Blues musician Darren Jack has been electrifying audiences with his signature powerhouse Rock ‘n’ Blues and original music for over twenty years.

Darren first fired up the Blues scene as the driving force behind award-winning band Third Degree which introduced a legion of Blues enthusiasts to his powerful vocals and exceptional artistry on the guitar. After six years fronting the band, Darren ventured out as a solo artist under the name Darren Jack . For the past 13 years he has collaborated with some of Australia’s finest musicians, touring throughout the country thrilling audiences with his passionate performances and proving why he is regarded as one of Australia’s top Blues musicians.

In 2012 Darren Jack released his fourth solo album “Better Place”. Featuring eight original tracks and a more refined approach to his powerful vocals, he experimented across genres in this album while retaining his true authenticity to the Blues. His relentless efforts and maturity as a songwriter were rewarded that year when the album swept up five awards at the 2012 Australian Blues Music Awards, including Best Album of the Year.

Further success and recognition continued when he won the Band Category of the Sydney Blues Challenge 2012 and was selected to represent Sydney in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee in 2013. Darren Jack received outstanding responses to his powerhouse trio… Jack also took out the Solo/Duo category in 2014 and represented Sydney as a solo artist in 2015 in the International Blues Challenge.

Darren Jack has played alongside some his most important artistic influences, opening for and sharing the stage with artists such as: Robert Cray (USA), Jimmie Vaughan (USA), Canned Heat (USA), Ford Blues Band (USA), George Thorogood (USA), Chris Cain (USA), Andy Just (USA), Long John Baldry (UK), Kevin Borich, Ian Moss, Jeff Lang, Phil Emmanuel, Dave Hole, and Chain.

Darren Jack has appeared in most major Blues Festivals in Australia, including: East Coast Blues Festival – Byron Bay, Great Southern Blues Festival – Narooma, Thredbo Blues Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Australian Blues Music Festival – Goulburn, Southern Blues and Roots Festival – Hobart, Gympie Music Festival, Cross Roads Festival – Central Coast, Manly Jazz Festival, Blues on Broadbeach – Broadbeach, Bridgetown Blues Festival W.A. & The Forth Valley Blues Festival Launceston, Wangaratta Jazz and Blues Festival and the Sydney Blues and Roots Festival.

As one of Australia’s leading Blues musicians Darren Jack is a strong contender on the Rhythm and Blues Festival and gig circuits both Band and Solo Acoustic.

Little Girl Little Girl
Going Down Darren Jack
Don’t Burn Down the Bridge

Aired 04-10-2020

On this weeks show Dinah Lee

Dinah Lee is an New Zealand/Australian pop singer and contemporary music singer.

With a career spanning almost 6 decades, her debut single “Don’t You Know Yockomo?” achieved number 1 chart success in both New Zealand and Australian cities of Brisbane and Melbourne, followed up by her cover version of Jackie Wilson’s “Reet Petite”, which also reached number 1 in New Zealand and reached number 6 in Melbourne.

the Australian release was a double A/sided single “Do The Blue Beat”. On her early single she was backed by Max Merritt and the Meteors. Sadly Max Merritt passed away on 24 September 2020.

Dinah was a regular on Australian TV variety programmes Sing Sing Sing and Bandstand. She toured supporting Johhny O’Keefe, Ray Columbus and the Invaders and P.J. Proby.

In the 1960’s Dinah was the most successful singer in both New Zealand and Australia on stage.

Don’t You Know Yockomo
Reet Petite
Do the Blue Beat

Aired 27-09-20

Normie Rowe

Australia’s biggest pop star of the sixties, Normie Rowe defied the logic of the times. His period of peak popularity came when the Beatles were dominating the charts around the world.
It was the period of popular music where most established solo singers were suddenly banished from the charts, and young singers were joining or forming bands.
And yet, here was this Melbourne teenager creating pop riots and becoming the first Melbourne recording artist to achieve a national Australian No.1.
Born on February 1, 1947 Normie emerged to stardom with one leg planted in the past, and the other stepping into the future. In those days the way into a music career was to attend a music school. Normie had already sung in the local church choir and performed in a high school band when at the age of 14 he appeared at his music school’s concert and was spotted by the concert’s compere, prominent Melbourne radio personality Stan Rofe. Impressed, Stan made the appropriate introductions to dance promoters.

By the time he released his first single Normie already had several years of experience behind him, in the traditional dance circuit where (as in the Big Band era) several featured singers stepped up to perform in front of the house band/s. The Beatles era changed all that, but Normie had served his apprenticeship that way. At the same time, he was one of the first Melbourne entertainers with the ‘long hair’ of the new Beatles-influenced music era. Famously, Normie had to choose between his hair and his job with the PMG (now Telstra). He chose his hair and singing.

EMI had its chance to sign Norm, but EMI Sydney said he couldn’t sing. Festival, through Brisbane independent label, Sunshine Records, offered him the chance instead. The first single, on a suggestion from mentor Stan Rofe was a version of the “Porgy And Bess” stage musical song,“It Ain’t Necessarily So”. Rofe had heard an updated version on a Searchers’ album from England. In Normie Rowe’s hands it drove a wedge right through the generation gap. Not only was he long-haired, he was suggesting that “the things that you’re liable, to read in the Bible” weren’t necessarily true. Controversy! The fact that the song came from an established musical, meant it couldn’t be dismissed out of hand. It became a top ten hit. No. 1 in Sydney. For his second single, Normie dived into Stan Rofe’s vast record collection and came up with Ben E King’s “I Who Have Nothing”. Another top ten. The third single took the nation by storm. On one side the pop singer revived and energised Doris Day’s “Que Sera Sera”; on the other side he recorded English rock’s only pre-Beatles classic, “Shakin All Over”. Both sides received massive airplay and carried the single to No.1 nationally, accompanied by the constant “Normie Rowe riot” headlines generated by the singer’s live performances.

The head of Sunshine records, Ivan Dayman, also Normie’s manager, ran a long-established string of national venues. He knew the art of promotion. Legend has it that the security guards hired to protect Normie from his enthusiastic fans were also under instructions to trip the singer or push him off stage into the arms of his fans, ensuring those “riots”. Venues were also crowded beyond capacity, resulting in the precursor of the now established “Mosh-Pit”, and fans fainting from more than Normie Rowe worship. However it happened, it all made for great pictures and headlines in the newspapers. The hits kept coming. Normie Rowe and his group The Playboys became the star attraction of the Sunshine tours, which criss-crossed the eastern coast of Australia., with Normie, on a bus with all the rivals for his crown as Australia’s No.1 King Of Pop, Sunshine Records table-mates, Tony Worsley and Mike Furber, anxious to upstage him.

While The Beatles created their “Beatle-Mania”, Normie certainly created “The Normie-Frenzy”.

In August 1966 Normie travelled to England, where he recorded many tracks, including the hit single “Ooh La la”, another big hit for him at home, and making it into the British Top 30. He promoted his second English single “It’s Not Easy” touring with Gene Pitney and the Troggs, and toured America with Roy Orbison. The later singles “Ooh La La” and “Going Home” also made a Top 30 impact in the UK.

By now the Beatles and world music had gone from mop tops to Sgt. Pepper and Normie was edging ever closer to international stardom when the biggest challenge to his career came at the hands of the Australian Government.

The nation was involved in the Vietnam War, and 20 year olds were liable for conscription into the military. Normie

05/08/1996 PIRATE: JULY 1968 – Singer Normie Rowe in uniform. published Melbourne Herald 10th Jul 68. CREDIT PETER CARRETTE -PHOTOGRAPHER. Vietnam war

Rowe’s name came up in first 1968 intake. Most conscripts were selected by a ballot of birthday dates but Normie would find out much later, that his birthday was not one of those that was drawn out. It has been suggested by many, that Normie had been conscripted because of who he was.

He served time in Vietnam, and was one of the lucky ones to return. But those two years away from his fans cost him dearly. Australia had a new King Of Pop in Johnny Farnham.

Normie scored his last hit of that era in May 1970 just after his release from the Army. However his “pop star” era had ended and he then moved into the wonderful training ground of the NSW Clubs circuit. Throughout this period, he constantly worked with big bands and the masters, Ricky May, J O’K, Col Joye etc.

While Normie still endeavoured to release his recordings, he found rejection from the most important exposure outlet for Pop music on Australian TV, Countdown. No matter what Normie released, Molly Meldrum and the other producers chose to ignore his efforts.

In 1974 he recorded his next album “Out of the Norm” which fell to the lack of exposure, and in 1975, enter receiving The “Most Popular Performance” prize at the 1974 Yamaha World Song Contest in Tokyo with his yet to be released song “Elizabeth”.

Normie went back into the studio and recorded “Elizabeth”, released mid 1975. In the only radio market place this song received media attention, it went to No.1 immediately, and remained there for 6 weeks. Normie says to this day that if your music is going to be accepted by your audience you have to be able to let them hear it.

In 1984 Normie went back to school and spent 2 1/2 years studying Drama under the mentorship of the great Hayes Gordon. He was cast in his first play “Some Night In Julia Creek”, towards the end of his time with Hayes and was seen by Grundy producers who then cast him in the role of Doug Fletcher, enjoying success in the final two years of the popular Australian soap opera, “Sons and Daughters”. Then, in 1987, Normie landed the lead role of Jean Valjean in the musical “Les Miserables”, which he played to great acclaim in over 600 performances. He then appeared in leading roles in a string of musicals, including “Annie”, “Chess”, “Evita”, “Cyrano”, “Get Happy” and “Oklahoma”. In 2002 he stole the show with his performances of “Que Sera Sera” and “Shakin’ All Over” on the hugely successful Long Way To The Top concert series which played to 160,000 people Australia and became a hit CD/DVD and national television broadcast.

In 2005 Normie Rowe was inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Hall of Fame. In that year he was also recognised by the Australian War Memorial as a National Hero, alongside the likes of Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith, Vivien Bullwinkle, Keith Miller, Chips Rafferty and 45 other heroes of Australia. Normie Rowe has become a leading advocate and spokesman for the Vietnam Veterans and in 1987 and 1992 he was instrumental as a member of the National Committees for the Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home Parade and the Vietnam National Memorial Dedication.

2007/8 saw the release of a collection of Normie’s recorded works detailing chronologically his recording career form 1965 to the current day.

In 2009 Normie joined The Governor General, and Sir Jack and Lady Margaret Brabham as National Patrons of Kidney Health Australia (Formerly The Kidney Foundation).

More recently Normie has become the Ambassador for Soldier On, a support organisation focusing on younger ex-service people dealing with physical and psychological effects of their war service deployments.

Normie continues to record with a 4 track Extended Play CD “Bold as Brass”, available now as well as a 50th Anniversary digitally re-mastered collection of Normie’s 60’s hits called “Frenzy”. A new CD released in 2018, called “Straight To The Heart” is now available, and includes such wonderful songs as “I Just Called To Say I Love You”, “Lately”, “Truly” and “Hello”.

In November 2016, Normie saw the release of his Biography, co-written with brilliant rock scribe, Ed Nimmervoll. The book is called “Normie, the Normie Rowe Story”, and traces his life from his early days in suburban Melbourne through to the current era, and includes anecdotes and descriptions of Australian urban life in the 50’s, 60’s and extending to today.

Normie is well sought after on major luxury cruise ships plying the waters of the South Pacific, Asia, Europe and the United States.

Recently, Normie trod the boards again in Perth, in the Platinum Productions, Pro-Am production of the Queen musical “We Will Rock You”. Normie played the comedic role of ‘Buddy’ (formerly Pop). In this role he discovered his comedy timing, and hopes to bring that side to his audiences in the future.

Normie’s thoughts are never far away from theatre, he’s currently working on a new musical and hopes to have this new production up and running by mid 2019.

Que Sera Sera
Shakin’ All Over

Aired 20-09-20

On this weeks show Round Mountain Girls

The Legend – This is a story of love, deceit and parallels. This is the story of the Round Mountain Girls.

Folk have always flocked to the small coastal enclave of Bogangar in search of surf and peace. Behind the village, looming over it like a guardian angel is Round Mountain. Mystery has always surrounded the mountain. The biggest mystery is that of the women of Round Mountain. They are beautiful and single. As it turns out this is the web of the Round Mountain Girls.

Systematically over the centuries the mysterious women of Round Mountain have been seducing surfers and travelers alike. Many men have reappeared after several days confused, not knowing what had happened or where they had been.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha”, the locals would laugh. “RMG’s gotcha!”

The Round Mountain Girls had used the men for pleasure in unnatural ways. Some men were kept, although amongst the villagers, it was not known why.

The leader (and the hottest) of the Round Mountain Girls had a fetish for ’80’s music, bluegrass and virgins. Like any normal obsessive compulsive, she began collecting men of this description. Her particular penchant was for fiddle, banjo, mandolin, bass, guitar and percussion. Not unusual, but the musicians themselves must be virgins. This line up would be centuries in the making.

By 1989 five men were incarcerated on Round Mountain. The women had been saving them until the line up was complete. It so happened that the final addition to the captives was a young fiddle player of virginal quality. Now the Queen could have her band for the sacrificial orgy in honour of the guardians of Round Mountain.

Some members of the band had been enslaved for over a century and were desperate to escape. The men knew of the Queen’s vices and had seen her writhing in ecstatic pleasure to a lone banjo in the evening. “If one instrument can do that..?” They pondered. A break-out was hastily devised. The next evening they positioned themselves at the entrance of the cave, instruments in hand.

This was to be their one off chance for freedom. As darkness descended a sweet bass rhythm dubbed its way into the valleys of Round Mountain and a banjo began picking a hearty puck from the entrance of the cave. From all corners of the mountain girls appeared. The Round Mountain Girls rolled about the cave’s edge in lustful excitement. The Queen appeared and was delighted and she too began dancing dramatically before their eyes. Without warning, from behind a large rock, sprang the fiddle and mandolin.

“Lets Go!” came the cry. A guitarist leapt from a ledge above, swaggering to and fro and the drummer began knocking out a hasty beat. The women were at breaking point. “Run”, someone cried.

The Round Mountain girls were immobilized from the waist down and were unable to give chase. The musicians ran down from the mountain, and did not stop until they reached the safety of the bowlo car park. Gasping for breath, they got out their instruments and began to play. Within a few minutes a large and enthusiastic crowd had gathered around them offering security they had not felt for decades. As they played, and the throng danced, the men grinned at each other, safe in the knowledge that life would never be the same again…

It is now 2016. The men have wandered lost through the ’90’s and noughties, no longer virgins but strangely confused after the trauma of Round Mountain.

They now play the very songs they were forced to play on Round Mountain.

They used to play for pleasure of the most unnatural kind.

They now play for you.

They are The Round Mountain Girls.

Check out our website click here

First To Let Go
The Constant Rhythm
Mobile Love

Aired 13-09-20

Live on the show Frankie J Holden

This week I will be chatting to Frankie about his early music career
as frontman of Ol’55 and the Sky Daddies as well as his acting career in both Australian television and film.

Frankie also owns the Beachside Caravan Park on the Sapphire Coast in Tathra NSW.

Frankie J was the front man of Ol’55 which had a hit with “On the Prowl” from their debut album Take it Greasy, which peaked at No3 on the Australian Kent Music Report Albums chart in 1976. As well as his career with the Sky Daddies which consisted of band members from the Skyhooks and Daddy Cool.

Frankie J also was and still is an actor appearing drama series Prisoner, The Barton’s, A Country Practice, Police Rescue and Blue Heelers to name a few. He also appeared in the Australian film The Big Steel as well as being a TV presenter in Melbourne Tonight. Currently holds a Silver Logie award in 2017.

Tune into this informative phone chat with Frankie and hear about his caravan park as well.

Aired 06-09-20

Live on the show this week is David Rastick

David Rastrick is a West Australian trumpeter, vocalist, song-writer and multi-instrumentalist with over twenty years performance experience in many styles. The skills of a jazz musician with classical and contemporary grounding have allowed David to play most any style with literally hundreds of bands on trumpet and multiple instruments.

David began playing trumpet at age 11 after his music teacher told him Euphonium would be too big for him to pick up (let alone play)! After playing in high school concert bands and rock bands David joined Will Upsons’ Rainbow Coast Big Band, which along with sit-ins with the South-Coast Jazzmen, gave him his first experiences playing with well accomplished jazz musicians.

David’s enjoyed playing on the same bill as acts as diverse as Carole King, James Taylor, Roxy Music, Ian Moss, The Choirboys, James Morrison, Cat Empire, Salmonella Dub, Tex Perkins, James Morrison and Deni Hines, Boz Scaggs, Michael McDonald, Darryl Braithwaite, Jon Stevens, Mamakin, The Violent Femmes, Directions in Groove (D.I.G), Tiddas, Nic Conway, Bob Malone, Marina Prior, David Hobson, Perth Symphony Orchestra, Jamdown Kings, Dya Singh, Blu Guru and more.

David has played with literally hundreds of bands throughout Western Australia (WA) and beyond. He has jammed, gigged, toured and recorded with acts including Lunar Circus, Toby, Junkadelic, Rusty Brooks, South-Coast Jazzmen, Saritah, Ernie Watts, Will Upson, The Waifs, Pugsley Buzzard, Jackie Orzascky, Libby Hammer, Tom Baker, Danny Moss Trio with Elle Deslandes, Nadira, Beeva Feeva, Luke Carra (Caravana Sun), Table 27, Double Entendre, Xave Brown, Katie J White, Blue Mannah, Lez Karski, Letterstick Band, Djerredjef Africa, Shangarra Jive, Ash Grunwald, Grace Barbe, Lorrae Coffin, Beeva Feeva, Fantuzzi, Mitchell “Fingers” Cullen, Earl St. Rumrunners, The Wayward Earls, Moondog J, and many, many more. Some of his collaborative and iconic south west bands including SilvaBeat, BeatRoot, Odd Sock, Moodswingz, Jungle Infection, Seahorse, Strange Brew, Midnight Mahina, Tama Rua, Freedom Police, The Secondhand Band, The Hoots, and Table 27, as well as current acts.

Black Tuesday
Yellowcake Shake

Aired 30-08-2020

Live on the show is Jade Hurley

An Australian vocalist and pianist.

Born in New South Wales, Jade Hurley started his career at the age of 14 with his first band ‘The Rockin’ Rebles’ in Sydney Australia.

Hurley is one of the pioneers of rock and often compared to Jerry Lee Lewis and obviously influenced Hurley when he began his career.

He soon went solo with the help of Johnny O’Keefe with his appearances on television and live performances he gained popularity with the young and old with his style of, what you see is what you get.

Jade Hurley is one of the most popular rock and country singer, pianists in Australia with over 45 years of performing.

Hurley has appeared on all major television shows that include ‘The Mike Walsh Show’ – Australian ‘Bandstand’ etc.

Although over the years Jade has changed over to country music his live performances always include the rock favorites that Hurley is known for.

His act has always been exciting and always gives his best.

Jade Hurley was awarded the ‘Order Of Australia’ in 1999.

He was awarded the highly prestigious ORDER OF AUSTRALIA MEDAL (OAM) for his contribution and hard work within the entertainment industry encouraging and nurturing young talent, and for his tireless performances and appearances over many years in aid of charitable organisations including The Arthritis Foundation … The Heart Foundation . . . Camp Quality (kids with cancer) … The Australian Cancer Foundation for Medical Research.

Wild One

Aired 23-08-2020

Live on the show is Russell Morris

Russell is a legend in the industry with a career spanning from 1966 to present. He has had 5 Australian Top 10 singles during the late 60’s and 70’s, with one being the most notable “ The Real Thing”.

In 2008 Russell was inducted to he Aria Hall of Fame. From 2012 to present day his style has changed from his psychedelic “Real Thing” to Blues and Roots. Recording albums Shark Mouth 2012 with (platinum sales), 2014 Van Diemans Land which peaked at number 4 on the Aria charts, 2015 Red Dirt Red Heart which won Aria awards for best Blues and Roots Album to his latest album released in 2019 Black and Blue Heart.

Phill’s focus with Russell this week will be talking about past hits and future projects.

Phill likes to call his interviews a causal chat with his mates and see where it goes rather than a serious interview with what can sometimes come across as probing .

Aired 16-08-2020

Live on the show is Matty Zarb.

Matt is an innovative singer/songwriter/ multi instrumentalist with swags of stories, songs and a guitar style unique to himself. Matt loves to play guitar, entertain and sing his songs penned about his colourful life on the road.

His ability to take a popular song you’ve heard before and take you somewhere new is signature of Matt’s style.

He will tell you a story and create musical theatre in your mind.

Matt is a true performer and has paid his dues in the industry but never tires in looking for new ground.

Matt has travelled the world with his music previously living six years in Kentucky USA touring countless cities and towns including many shows in Nashville Tennessee. He more recently spent over two years as owner operator of the much loved Jolly Roger pirate themed restaurant on Norfolk Island performing and entertaining his guests. The restaurant, in its time gained the number one position on Trip Advisor with a five star rating.

Matt has had a huge career spanning 38 years rarely a week that he is not performing somewhere. When he slings his now 26 year old Maton guitar over his shoulder and winds it up you know you’re about to hear something very different. Matt is a sure bet on any stage and situation and will always leave you with a smile knowing you got 110% from him.

Rose Matilda
The Red Haired Mason

Aired 09-08-2020

Live on the show is Cate Guirguis.

Cate Guirguis is a young aspiring singer-songwriter, based in Sydney, Australia. Cate began her journey as a musician from a young age, starting to sing at age seven, and composing her own music at age nine. 
Cate’s main musical style is that of “indie-pop”, with gentle melodies focusing on lyrics that draw from her past experiences, and that aim to connect with her listeners through the commonalities. Musically inspired by the works of Missy Higgins, Birdy and Eva Cassidy, and lyrically inspired by the likes of Adele and Taylor Swift (in her early days), Cate has created her own style. 
Cate is a multi-instrumentalist. Whilst singing is her main focus and passion, she also plays piano, guitar, and ukulele, all of which she manages to incorporate into her works.
Cate is primarily a solo artist with her eyes set on creating a name for herself in the music industry. Cate has also participated in many ensembles, including the Australian Girls Choir for seven years. In addition, Cate was a member of multiple musicals throughout her school career. These experiences have musically developed her and have helped her along her journey.
Cate is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Music at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (class of 2024). She is looking forward to seeing what the future holds for her, and strives to move audiences throughout the world with her music.

Listen To My Music Below.

the way it used to be

Aired 02-08-2020

Live on the show is Lonnie Lee

Phill C will be talking to Lonnie Lee about his career spanning 60 years and his latest album of 2019 “ Back to Base X”, regarding the style and the repertoire, it refers to Lonnie’s early career in the 1950’s.

Lonnie is the pioneer of Australian Rockabilly music. At the peak of his career Lonnie had 8 Top 100 singles which included 3 Top 20’s, “Ain’t it so”, “ Starlight Star Bright” and “ I Found A New Love” and he achieved 5 Gold records.

Lonnie is a true legend and continues to tour and perform today.

Lonnie started at the age of 7 in the local church choir, he took up the guitar and did Johnnie Ray impersonations as a teen as well as Nat King Cole.

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Ain’t It So
Starlight starbright
Found A New Love

Aired 26-07-2020

Live on the show is Corey Legge

Phill C will be talking to Corey Legge

Corey Legge plays heartfelt alt-country, folk and rock, drawing influence from his wholesome upbringing amongst the fertile pastures surrounding Bega. Corey’s music is reminiscent of James Taylor, Chris Stapleton, and Passenger, with mesmerising guitar work and smooth vocal ear-worms that will get stuck in your head for days.

The recipient of a prestigious ‘Young Regional Artist Scholarship’ from the NSW government in 2018, Corey subsequently flew to New Zealand to record his debut solo album ‘Driving out of Eden’ with award-winning producer Ben Edwards (Julia Jacklin, Marlon Williams). ‘Driving out of Eden’ was released in February 2019, sparking considerable interest from a number of high profile radio stations and artists worldwide. Corey’s debut single, also titled ‘Driving out of Eden’, was played numerous times on both Triple J and Double J national radio in Australia, and was named ‘Song of the Week’ in early March 2019 on ‘Blues and Roots Radio’ worldwide, achieving airplay in the UK, Ireland, Central Europe, Canada, USA, and Australia. The single was rated 4/5 stars by Triple J ‘Roots n All’ presenter Nkechi Anele on the day it was released, which is an impressive feat for a debut single. Perhaps most notably, a video of Corey Legge performing was shared by legendary US singer-songwriter James Taylor to his millions of social media followers, along with the link to Corey’s debut music video ‘Driving out of Eden’. ‘Driving out of Eden’ was listed as one of the best records of 2019 by Henry Wagons (Double J).

Now based in the coastal steel city of Wollongong, Corey is set to release his highly anticipated 2nd album ‘Some Days’ in early September 2020. Corey is also set to tour Europe for the first time in 2021, with solo performances across the Netherlands and Germany. Australian audiences can also expect to see Corey kick it up a gear in late 2020, with a number of solo and 4-piece band performances planned across the country. Corey’s latest single ‘Last Night I Dreamt of You’ received high rotation on ABC Country in May 2020. Corey’s 2nd single/video ‘Fireball’ is set for release on 14th July 2020.

“A dedicated, unique and creative guitarist who just might change the game.‘’ Lloyd Spiegel (Australian Blues Legend)

‘’A national treasure in the making.’’ Kath Devaney, ABC Country (Producer and Programmer)

Corey Legge is proudly endorsed by Cole Clark guitars (Melbourne, Australia), alongside Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, and Xavier Rudd.

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Last Night I Dreamt of You

Aired 19-07-2020

Live on the show is John Williamson

Phill C will be talking to John Williamson

John Williamson is a famous Australian country music star, a bush balladeer who is keeping alive the links to the bush and Australia’s history.

Famous all over Australia for his moving song True Blue.John Williamson has sold more than two million albums just in Australia let alone the world. John Williamson was honoured to be asked to perform his tribute song, Sir Don, at Sir Donald Bradman’s Memorial Service in Adelaide in 2001. The original scraps of paper this song was scribbled on have been framed and now hang in the Bradman Museum in Bowral New South Wales.

John was asked by John Howard to perform Waltzing Matilda at the Memorial Service for the 1st Anniversary of the 2002 Bali bombing on 12 October 2003

Since recording the duet Raining On The Rock with Warren H. Williams, they have toured together ever since.

Has performed duets with Sara Storer, The Sheik Of Scrubby Creek Chad Morgan, Jimmy Little, Australian cricketer Steve Waugh, Warren H. Williams.

A big supporter of Australian made items, and cares deeply for the bush and the stripping of Australia’s forests, he wrote the song rip rip wood chip about them.

Listen To there music Below

Old Man Emu
True Blue
Those Fifty Years

Aired 12-07-2020.

Live on the show is The Bounty Hunters

Phill C will be talking to The Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters Band are a high energy blues/rock power trio based in Newcastle NSW. Lyn Hinds – Lead Vocals & Bass, David Hinds – Lead Guitar & Vocals, Mick O’Shea – Drums & Vocals. They have 3 albums and 1 EP of their original music released – Bounty Hunters, Rise, Rollercoaster and Dyin’ To Live. They have performed at Sydney Blues & Roots Festival, Bay Of Islands Jazz & Blues Festival (NZ), Meatstock Sydney, Blues & BBQ Festival and the 2019 HOT FEST II Tour. They won Best Rock Song and Best Live Performance at the 2016 Australian Songwriters Association Awards for Crack Of The Whip.

Listen To there music Below

Blues In My Brain

Aired 05-07-2020

Live on the show is The Bowden Brothers

Phill C will be talking to Murray and Phil.

The Bowden Brothers are four brothers raised in Gloucester, at the foothills of the gorgeous Barrington Tops, New South Wales. Phil, Grant, Murray & Matthew have been performing together for over 30 years and are bonded by not only blood but a passion for music which has touched almost every part of their lives.
The Bowden Brothers cover contemporary artists like Pete Murray, Bernard Fanning, John Mellancamp and The Eagles, while also paying homage to the likes of Cat Stevens, John Denver, John Williamson and Paul Kelly. Their acoustic melodies and unique harmonies promise to leave audiences with a soulful experience they will remember.
Simply 4 brothers, mates and genuine Aussie family men who at any opportunity love to pull a guitar out and sing from their hearts. Brought up on music in the family home, they were taught to sing with a natural passion handed down by previous generations. After an experience with them you will be blown away by that love of music in them.

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Listen To There Latest Songs Below

The Gloucester Song
Raining On The Rock

Aired 28-06-2020

Live on the show is an Australian music heavyweight Mr Glenn Shorrock.

Phill C will be talking candidly about his career spanning more than 50 years. From the Twilights, Axium and to the internally acclaimed Little River Band as well his outstanding ever popular solo career. Glenn turns 76 on Tuesday 30th June. Join them it will be both interesting and informative. As Phill C would say “ Do yourself a favour you know you want to “

A Little Ray Of Sunshine Axion
Cool Change LRB
Hear My Voice Glenn Shorrock

Aired 21-06-2020

Live on the show is Kevin Borich

We will be talking to Kevin about his new single featuring Russell Morris,

Kevin Borich featuring Russell Morris

Call A Friend is all about loss of communication with those friends that have traversed your life, but you lose communication with, and too many times, time too late, or you find out those friends are not traveling so well.

“Like when someone you knew has faded off your radar”. Explains Kevin. “As I was writing the song it slowly became evident to me that “Call a Friend” had deeper connotations.

listen to the track on spotify.